Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Brief Hiatus

At the Weather Office, they're claiming that Old Man Winter will be clawing his way back to the Rock by this evening, so it looks like our brief respite will soon be over. Although I look forward to the snow's return, I have to admit that this past week or so has been a real break from burning all my wood-- don't get me wrong, the stove is working all the time, but certainly not full-bore-stogged, which has certainly reduced the amount needed, and as for the rest of the house, haven't had to turn on additional heaters... in January no less!!
In the meantime, as an appreciation for the spring that was here if only briefly, and in anticipation of the real deal in a few month's time, here's a little tulip bowl I just finished, a custom-ordered wedding gift.
Let there be light!

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