Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Oldsters and Fat Birds

The Fossils arrived on my lunch break, snowshoes and winter apparel in tow... so off we went, retraced my steps from yesterday's hike up the hill from my back steps and over the top to Gillams Big GD Bog and beyond.
Me Mudder, just about to crest the mountain...

...Himself, raring to traverse the Big GD Bog...

Being told how to pose for the camera... front-side facing...

Ohhh... that's how it's done.

Crossing the windswept bog... could go for miles and miles and miles on top of this area, woods, bogs, woods, bogs... perfect in the winter, great vanatge point. The far-side mountains did not come through in the photos, but they were clear to see.

And the sun broke through on our way back-- Weeball in the background, clear as day!

Greeted at the house by four Big Fat Birds in my smallest shrubs.

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