Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Loopy-Loop Downs, Far-Side-of-the-Creek

Today, we decided to do Sunday's ski again-- the awesome downhills to get home were calling, and today was cooler with fresh snow on the trails, so we knew it would be faster... Old Pipstermonipster is slowing down poor thing, but at least I know I have company (even though sometimes I worry I'll run into him with the metal edges on the skiis... I use way more brakes than I would like but at least we both get out); Little Buddy is usually far ahead, chasing rabbits and tracking all sorts of interesting things, making sweeping turns just far enough ahead to check in on me to make sure I'm still alive.
These clips are from two segments of the downhills-- the first from somewhere in the middle, and the second very close to the bottom... it's about a 4km climb to the ridgeline, so happily, that also means 4km of swoopy loopy bumpy twisty downs!


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