Monday, 14 April 2014

Rocky Harbour Summer Studio Continued...

Spent a very pleasant day with the Brudders, building tables, work counters, and planning the Summer Studio; looking forward to getting everything installed in the new space, it is quite large, with lots of teaching space, work space and display space... I am looking forward to having Birthday Groups, Afternoon Classes, and Weekly Classes in my soon-to-be-ready Studio.
Another truckload of stuff delivered to to the new studio!


  1. SOOOO happy you are making this move, Urve. YOu will get SOOO much business and you are soo talented, word will spread about the animal-loving wickedly talented glass artist in Gros Morne!!!

  2. Thanks Missus! See you tomorrow at your show!!

  3. Sister in law here from Ottawa, will the place in Gilliams be open this week????