Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Million and One Things...

With the Summer Studio (Glass Gallery and Studio) opening tomorrow, things have been somewhat busy; I am getting to most things, though, including putting a handle on the new-to-me stove (*free*)... note the hockey love.

Yesterday was a great day to paint the boards for signs and more shelves... today I worked on lettering... still have a ways to go!

Of course, I spend hours installing things... it's a relief to get to the smaller stuff, less worrisome, and less heartbreak if something happens to slip and fall.
In the early mornings, I generally have my coffee out by the water... it is beautiful here...

... BUT I miss home; the Summer Studio building does not have any windows on the sides or the back, my view is the bright orange house across the street from me, and for someone who has been watching the mountains and the water and the myriad (and never-ending) minute changes in the garden and woods for so many years, I feel out of touch.

On a positive note, however, I am getting closer--luckily!!-- to being ready for opening tomorrow.

Today, I even got the signpost up... after several trips across the road in search of a shovel, then another one, and finally a pick. Good times meeting the neighbours!
Tomorrow morning will be another early one... still a millions or so Things To Do before this all begins!
Hope to see you here sometime over the summer: 31 Main St., Rocky Harbour, NL. If you get lost, just ask for the one with an 'unfamiliar' name.

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