Monday, 26 May 2014

Excitement in Town this Morning!

The Nicole Daniel and her crew towed the Blue Whale from the fishplant to the wharf right next to the Glass Gallery... the whole town came to see... well, almost, but you get the idea. The flensing will begin right next door to the Gallery.

The big vessel towed the whale to the wharf, where the smaller net-setter took over to bring the whale to shore...

...where a tractor was ready to haul 'er in...

... but it turns out it needed the tow truck to haul the tractor to haul the whale...

It is very hard to think about how this wondrous animal died, and it is still strange for me to 'ogle' its body, but it is also an up-close happening that may otherwise never occur.

I can see the process from here.

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