Monday, 2 February 2015

A Spontaneous Trip Away: Transfer from Heathrow to Lisbon

We took a million photos.

After finally getting back to the Winter House in Rocky Harbour, and shovelling myself back into the driveway and close to the house, and getting a neighbour's HUGE loader (thank goodness he felt sorry for me and had 'nothing to do') to plow right through the three-weeks'-worth of wall-of-ice-chunks left by the road plow at the edge of the driveway, I have decided that I want to stretch my vacation out as long as I can. 

So I will start to post these millions of photos, a few at a time. 

Be prepared for the Moroccan--did I mention I went to Africa?-- Adventure to be continued for the forsee-able future.

We left the Rock via London, then Lisbon, with a brief almost-five-day-layover in Portugal.

First cow of the trip. 
I am wearing my Nancy Jacobson Dress.

I thought this car was neon tubes, but turned out to be painted metal. Cool.

Cold enough to wear layers, but LOOK AT THE PALM TREES, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore!

Of course once we found our hostel, bags etc. were ditched as fast as possible, and the bakery with outdoor heating on cobblestone pedestrian-only roadways was found. 
This must be Europe.

Beautiful fountain in the town 'Square'...

... and fun guys in another smaller square close to the Train Station.
This is the beginning.

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