Friday, 6 February 2015

Castle Day

Another sunny day in Portugal, another Princess Day for us! We are headed up to the yellow-and-red castle on top of another hill.

Almost there!

On the way down from that one, we took an alternate route that would take us up (of course) to a monument and bath house of Saint Eufemia, with a great look-off of the surrounding area.

Love the citrus trees all over the place... lovely to cut up the lemons for the water bottles!

New graffiti, old wall.

Cascade from a castle garden.

Beauty trees.

The gardens were just as beautiful as the old ornate structures.

This castle and garden were planned out in the 1500's, to include playing courts, benches, grottos, caves, mazes, towers, turrets, secret passageways, all to stimulate the imagination and encourage a sense of play for visitors.

For initiation into a Pan-like belief system, initiates would be led down nine levels (refer to Dante's Inferno and the 9 levels of hell) into the bowels of the earth, only to head back towards the light once successfully completing their conversion or acceptance of the beliefs... 

...virgins beware!

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