Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cedar Forest and Barbary Apes

At the top of the rise, after quite a few false turns trying to find a 'sign' for the National Cedar Forest, we managed to ask for directions from a woman at a summer camping house, who proceeded to phone her husband, who spoke enough French to describe over the cell phone more or less how to get there... interesting, though, that there really weren't any well-marked obvious routes to get to this National Park.

Once we had found the parking lot for the forest, we found a sign.

We also found huge cedar trees-- but very different from what I recognise as a cedar tree...

...for size comparison, there is Tina, waaaaaaay in the 'undergrowth' of the forest. We think that the sheep have grazed out the entire shrubbery of all forested lands.

This is a flake from a cedar cone... also quite large!

Annnd, amongst all this immenseness, Barbary Apes everywhere!! (Especially close to the parking lots, where people buy peanuts from vendors and feed the monkeys).

Can't blame them for that, though, there was snow on the ground, and when we reached areas not sheltered by trees, the wind blowing through the highlands was bitter!!

They loved to just sit back as if in a lawn chair, sunning themselves...

... or hanging out in thorny bushes eating berries...

... or checking each other out for fleas, or just giving hugs.

Monkeys in Africa!

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