Saturday, 7 February 2015

Coastal Hike Day

Morning espresso in the sun... outdoors!! 

After walking back and forth over the same terrain for a while in a small Portuguese mountain village, we finally figured out what sort of trail we were looking for... and away we went, yay!

The foliage varied between scratchy plants, trees, shrubs, some grasses, and succulents like these.

The trail took us up and down the coastline, to rocky beaches, steep craggy sections, and glorious sandy beaches where barefoot walking was the best.

It was easy to see why Portugal is one of the top surfing spots in Europe over the winter months... steady rolling surf as far as the eye can see.

We also encountered fishermen, who parked themselves atop the strangest rock outcroppings with their 20-ft poles, most very high up from the water, casting into the surf for hours.

Definitely white, definitely from some colder climate.

After the beaches and the ups and downs, we meandered through a few small villages, in their 'back yard gardens', and eventually made our way to a bus stop on the side of the road...

... and like this very hip gentleman roaring past, made our way back 'home'.

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