Sunday, 8 February 2015

Goodbye Lisbon, Hello Casablanca

Last morning walk in Lisbon took us to a large green space of the city; tennis courts, other sporting facilities, exercise routes, bleachers for outdoor concerts, huge trees, sculptures, and a large greenhouse designed from an unused quarry.
What a great re-fit of what was probably a very unattractive hole in the ground!

The poinsettia tree!

A wall of orchids.

A whole room was devoted to cactus species only! Then, off to catch the train to the airport, and onwards to magical, exotic, mystical Casablanca. Africa!

View from hotel in Casablanca. This city turned out to be the big industrial/economic site of the country... traffic, fumes, dust, and questionable taxi drivers. We made tracks as soon as possible!

Water fountain at the train station.

Remarkably, the areas outside of Casablanca were mostly farmland; apparently Morocco's main economies are based on agriculture and tourism... not what I had expected to see!

Onwards to Meknes!

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