Thursday, 12 February 2015


The Tajine meal is awesome. 
The flavours include lamb, beef, kefka, vegetable, fish, or, pretty much anything that you want to put in it, with lots of spices for extra taste and smell sensations... the spice Moroccans mix up for meat dishes contains 42 different herbs and spices, and it is awesome. The other most awesome spice ever is cumin. Put cumin on everything. Take the pepper out of your pepper shaker and replace it with cumin. 
We ate tajines in many places, in many ways, but I think we should have had more. The tajines are cooked over a briquette fire outdoors (one individual clay firing dish and stand for each clay tajine container, or indoors over a propane flame), and they are delicious.

The roundish pyramid-shaped sort of container, decorated or just plain-fired, is the tajine. The smaller ones, intricately decorated with multiple glazes and designs, are used on counter tops for storing spices, or butter, etc. Not enough room in my backpack, not enough hands to carry it all home!

Our fist tajine supper at Mina's, next door to the riad... great setting, and delicious food!

Chicken tajine...

...vegetable tajine. 
What I liked most about the vegetable tajine was that the vegetables used were 'limited' to ones that were locally grown in each area where the tajine was cooked, and only ones that were in season at that very time. Some places offered peppers in the vegetable mix, others were heavy on the potatoes, while others closer to better farmlands surprised us with tomatoes, zuchini, potatoes, other root vegetables, onions, and much more.

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