Tuesday, 24 February 2015


There's a tannery in Fes, that relies on traditional ways of curing, tanning, dying skins into leathers ready to be made into all kinds of beautiful and functional goods. Pigeon poop, natural dyes, water, and airing out on gravestones are the main ingredients for all this colour!

The tannery from above... most likely unchanged in appearance since it was first built.

Dye vats

Water wheel...

...another one...


Dye vats

Laying out to dry on the city walls...

...and the tombstones.


Magically finished, beautiful colour!

Tina being told to smell the bag-- if it stinks it's free! I imagine that summers would be fairly not-so-nice to be around this area because of the odours... but at this time of year, not only was it mostly uncrowded, but also not too bad at all.

Through all the leather goods, the amazing tile work appears everywhere as well.
Gobsmacked by it all!

All this craft and tradition housed in yet again a building renovated with UNESCO funds to preserve this story and to support the co-operative of leather makers.

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