Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Leaving Marrakesh

We left this Imperial City, via Moped Guide. 
It was an adventure.

Car rented from the airport, paperwork filled in, complete coverage in terms of insurance-- and good thing, because the windshield got cracked, car got dinged, and parked in a sort of squashed manner at one point in between a long row of other vehicles-- and we lugged all our stuff for about a mile next to the not-so-helpful attendant out to our little rental. 
Cute as a bug.
Then came double-checking for directions to get out of town. 'Just follow the signs' does not really work, as often the signs are invisible to our eyes... and out of the blue, one of the guys roars out on his moped and tells us to follow him. So we do. The we figure we're on the way, so we overtake him. Then he overtakes us and waves. A Lot. So we follow him again. And our route takes us past the king's castle, through city gates, through busy walkway sections, around things, and we begin to think that this might not lead us where we wanted to go, when ta-daa!, Moped Man waves us to the sign, Turn Right, he says, Are you happy now, he asks, and Did you like my Secret Route? We did, and we were, and we went!

Onwards towards the magic of the Sahara.

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