Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Morning at the Oasis

Looking down the Wishing Well, we did indeed find water (!!)...

...which was funneled to the gardens in the oasis...


... a forest of palms and plots, with broccoli, potatoes, fennel, and all kinds of things growing.

The oasis also had outstanding views.

And as we headed back along the desert sands, we came across a tiny oasis. Easy to imagine that after hours (days, weeks) of crossing parts of the desert how small groupings of these palm trees could bring such hope in terms of shelter and possibly nourishment for a traveller.

Our Kasbah awaited in the noon-day sun.

After a lovely lunch, we headed across to the other side, to try to find a few flamingos in the nearby lake (!!)

After wandering for hours of not-finding-pink-long-necked-birds, we did find a camel driver...


... on his bicycle.

And fossils. Every black stone we picked up or turned around or trod on was fossilised. 

And beauty in the form of crocuses. 

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