Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I Met Bob Marley in the Sahara

Looking out over the Sahara was an amazing experience, but the highlight of my trip, after trying to absorb the amazing wonder of this vast sea of sand, was being part of a tiny caravan of people and camels across a small portion of this land.

I met Bob Marley in the Sahara. I also met Jimi Hendrix, A$$hole, and Hamid.
This is a selfie with Bob. Check out his beautiful eyes and lashes.

As we were slowly leaving the Kasbah aboard our respective camels (the excursion promised an overnight in traditional Berber tents in the desert, a traditional meal, sunrise and sunset in the desert, and one camel each), I noticed a man striding across the sands...

... and our small group is off! 
The wind had started to pick up, I was happy for the djhellapa and the scarf!
This was a very much tailored-for-tourists experience, and for the first time in a long time, I was on the receiving end of an 'experience', and I must say it was perfect!

There goes the Strider... making his way to somewhere over the dunes.

It was amazing to watch the colours of the sand change according to the angle of the sun and towards which direction we were looking.

Bob, Achmed, and self.

Action! The downs, even slight, were eventful-- not as eventful as getting off the camels, but still quite fun. Their gait is very different from many other four-legged creatures, which makes sitting atop them and moving on uneven ground somewhat surprising.

Is this not magical?

In this shot you can see why this is Bob, with his short nappy hair.

Wind picking up quite a bit.

And so we travelled, with our guide guiding our caravan across these seemingly endless dunes. Our guide was 22; his life now, he said, was with the dromedaries. His father works in the gardens of the Oasis that we walked through earlier in the day.

There we are, Bob Marley, Hamid, A$$hole (yes, Tina's camel), and Jimmy Hendrix.

The walk had been getting windier, Achmed needed to readjust his head scarf.

Selfie Number Two with Bob, just in case... he's famous, you know!

Tina and A$$hole. Although he's smaller than the rest, he does let the group know how he's feeling... especially when it's time to get back to work.

Travelling along, shadows stretching as the sun starts to set...

... the ever-changing dunes so soft in this light...

... and we finally spy our camp for the night.

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