Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sahara Winter Camp

Morning Tea spot... makes me excited about morning and we only just arrived!
 It's so beautiful!

The Camp.

Surrounded by a wind-break/sand-break, this camp will remain here for a good while...

... beautiful carpets and blankets were laid out on the sandy floor, and covered the doorways to each tent...

...entrez-vous! Note the lantern... there were many of them, and they were lit for us later, because it became pitch black quite quickly after the sun went down.

...a small washing-up station next to the loo...

... the throne room, specially made for us tourists.

Geared up... it's long-johns-and-down-filled-and-tuques-and-mitts-cold in the desert in January at night!

Racing to the top of the dunes to catch the sun's dropping over the edge of the waves of sand.

I'm ready!

Part of the photoshoot for mec... Tina pretending to not be cold without her tuque!

It was such a remarkably beautiful time.

Nope, not cold at all!
I think I'm going to stretch this evening out some more... tomorrow is another blogging day!

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