Friday, 24 April 2015

Surf Stars!

Woke up to a great big breakfast, met more new people at the Surf Star riad-- mostly from Europe; the flight for them was about $100... which makes staying at this very well-run, clean, friendly, and excellently-chefed surf school quite reasonable. And off to the beach we went!

Of course there were camels and horses on the beach... with gloriously decorated saddles and bridles... meant for giving rides, or if people weren't interested in having a ride, they could get aborad and get their photos taken for a small sum; I thought I wanted a picture of me with surfboard on the camel, but in the end re-thought that plan when I was there. Now I'm thinking my first instincts for the awesome cheesy surfing in Morocco photo would have been a Good Thing.

We started with beginner lessons, and that was perfect.

Tina caught on very quickly, the water was 'sort of' warm' (warmer than here in January!!), and it was sunny. Although January is usually a good time to surf here in Morocco, the waves were very friendly the first day, sadly almost not there on our second... but still very fun, great to be in the water!

Surf Star!

On the first day, the odd set was very interesting-looking, but generally most tapered off. The pros had a good time no matter what, lots to do if one had a well-rounded quiver of boards.

Something to do while waiting for the waves to maybe pick up a bit.

Camel foot print-- they have these amazing leathery soles.

Besides t-shirts, hats, homemade donuts, rides and photo ops, tea salesmen also made the tours of all the groups of people on the beach. Mint tea-- fresh leaves, a kettle with a stove underneath it, made right in front of one's eyes. How can one survive a day without a bit of traditional mint tea?
All in all, a wonderful sojourn on the beach where everything was taken care of, including lovely bagged lunches, wonderful meals, and very friendly atmosphere.

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