Monday, 28 April 2014

Leaf Litter

Leaf Litter
 pate de verre
18" x 10"

This is one of my new pieces for the group exhibition Elemental Nexus at the Devon House Main Gallery in St. John's, opening May 10th. Susan Lee Stephens, Colette Samson, and Heather Mills are the other artists participating in this show-- I am very much looking forward to seeing their new work up close and in real life after all this time and back-and-forth email-and-image-sharing. 
Definitely promises to be very interesting!

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Family Fun Day! Really Extra Fun!

Sometimes, even I think that we're a little bit out there, but in truth, I would never trade my family for anyone else's. The Brudders stand up for me when I need it, and are second to none in lending a helping hand... no matter how many projects and fun times I can come up with...
...the Summer Studio floors looked like this after flooding from fall/winter, and damaged flooring was torn out...

...many loads have arrived...

...including this couch, fully equipped with the Oldsters, ready to lend a hand...

... beautiful veiw from the studio lot...

...these two are definitely related!...

...Niecely making sure quality is achieved...

...Nephew, rolling it on-- two coats today!!...

Memme getting geared up...

... a pro from way back in the day... trim...

... beautiful picnic lunch for the Gang...

Himself, making shelves, making shelves...

...making shelves.

And here it is, two coats of paint on the walls, windows washed, bathroom scrubbed and painted, gallery floor painted, shelves put together, doors fixed, counters created, it looks like I'm going to be ready for the Grand H-Opening in mid-May!
I am so grateful for my family.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Heester Feest

The beautiful Heester table at the Oldsters'...

Official Photographer
My Pappi's famous salt trout, yummm!
The gang painted the heggs this year and I got the SUPER SHARK!

And the SUPER SHARK turned out to be a good choice, I was the Champion of the World in munade kokksimise event. Ha haaaa!
Niecely's Flower Power just did not do the trick.
Good times with the usual suspects!

Thursday, 17 April 2014


While planning, driving, packing, unpacking, sorting, fixing, building, and so on for the Summer Studio in Rocky Harbour, I am also getting ready for my part of our four-person exhibition, Elemental Nexus, in St. John's... this opening is very soon-- May 10th (!!)-- and if all goes well, promises to be quite interesting. I am looking forward to both the exhibition, and to being done with the prep.
Sometimes, balancing all these things gets a bit worrying.

Yep, that's me again, learning about working with metal. Oh, to have all the time, tools, work space, and money to do it all, all day long!
 Good times.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Rocky Harbour Summer Studio Continued...

Spent a very pleasant day with the Brudders, building tables, work counters, and planning the Summer Studio; looking forward to getting everything installed in the new space, it is quite large, with lots of teaching space, work space and display space... I am looking forward to having Birthday Groups, Afternoon Classes, and Weekly Classes in my soon-to-be-ready Studio.
Another truckload of stuff delivered to to the new studio!

Monday, 7 April 2014


Looks like the move to Rocky Harbour in Gros Morne will be happening... very soon... for May 1st, in fact!
In the meantime, Brudders and I will be sharing some great quality time on weekends turning the following space into a working glass studio, teaching space, and show room, ready to go from May until October of this year.
Here's hoping it all goes well.

If you are in Gros Morne, please drop by to say hello, and to check out the space. It's going to be a happening place!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Loopy-Loop Downs, Far-Side-of-the-Creek

Today, we decided to do Sunday's ski again-- the awesome downhills to get home were calling, and today was cooler with fresh snow on the trails, so we knew it would be faster... Old Pipstermonipster is slowing down poor thing, but at least I know I have company (even though sometimes I worry I'll run into him with the metal edges on the skiis... I use way more brakes than I would like but at least we both get out); Little Buddy is usually far ahead, chasing rabbits and tracking all sorts of interesting things, making sweeping turns just far enough ahead to check in on me to make sure I'm still alive.
These clips are from two segments of the downhills-- the first from somewhere in the middle, and the second very close to the bottom... it's about a 4km climb to the ridgeline, so happily, that also means 4km of swoopy loopy bumpy twisty downs!