Saturday, 28 June 2014

So Much Going On Over 'Ome

The lilacs are blooming and the whole garden, house, and woods are redolent with the scent... driving through Corner Brook, it seems the whole town is rich with this as well. 

The summer skies are made for dreaming.

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Lens & the Brush

Guest Artist Series at the Glass Gallery:

Nicole LeDrew May & Shell LeDrew

Saturday, June 28, 2-4pm

Please join us for a chat with the artists, snacks, beverages, and the chance to view new works by the Best Coast Sistahs, Nicole and Shell!

Rodney Mercer, Guest Artist: Figuratively Speaking

Rodney Mercer is the first Guest Artist at the Glass Gallery, and his Solo Exhibition, Figuratively Speaking is up until this coming Saturday (June 28).
In Rodney's own words, he uses his art as 'a vehicle to illustrate the many correlations of life through the contextualising of the everyday with the iconography of popular culture and observations of the human condition'. Skilfully rendered, often tongue-in-cheek and full of intelligent observations and wit, Mercer's work will stand the test of time in terms of relevancy and quality.

Half Asleep with the Succubus
Last remaining print (framed) of this etching available for purchase.

Detail of Painted with the Same Brush
Available for purchase

Generation Gap-- Demsaduit
Only 3 prints left at the Glass Gallery available for purchase.

Showing at the Glass Gallery in Rocky Harbour until June 28th.

Next in the Guest Artist Series are sisters Nicole LeDrew-May and Shell LeDrew, opening for their show of completely new work, Sat. June 28, 2-4pm.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Last Week! (Last Chance!)

Elemental Nexus, a four-person installation of glass, metal, and stone is up for just this last week at the Devon House Main Gallery in St. John's... if you are the Big City, stop by and check it out. For those of you who might not make it all the way to the Avalon, I am posting images of part of my part in the show (the rest of ye should be very familiar with this already, right?).

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


GUEST ARTIST at the Glass Gallery

OPENING JUNE 14, 2-4 pm

Please join us for chats with the artist, snacks, and beverages this Saturday afternoon.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Results of Miss Sophia's Birthday at the Glass Gallery

From great drawings to chunks of glass and frit to final products!
Everybody's a star!

It was a very fun afternoon, I was crabby all the next day because I missed having the activity and great spirits around me. Glad to have you celebrate part of your birthday here Miss Sophia!
PS-Angie, I'm going to re-fire yours, for some reason the glass around your hooks popped off during the firing... these things happen sometimes.

CLASSES at the Glass Gallery This Smmer

I will be offering classes in Glass Mosaic-ing, Basic Kiln-Forming, Traditional Leaded Glass over the course of the summer; once there are 6 people signed up for any of these, I will set the date to try to suit everyone interested (Email to sign up:

I also have set Make-A-Suncatcher/ Glass Tile classes, running on the following dates:

June 21 10am-12 noon
June 25 2pm-4pm
July 4 6pm-8pm
July 15 2pm-4pm
July 30 10am-12 noon
Aug 8 6pm-8pm
Aug 20 10am-12 noon
Aug 30 10am-12 noon

I can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants at a time, best to sign up early; these classes are also suitable for children, but best if there is a group of children interested in the event (rather than a few children on their own midst adults).

Friday, 6 June 2014

Guest Artist Exhibition Series at the Glass Gallery

June 14, 2-4 pm is the Opening for the First Guest Artist at the Glass Gallery: Rodney Mercer!

Rodney's work will be on display at the Glass Gallery for two weeks, after which Nicole LeDrew-May and her sister Shell LeDrew will be displaying their works... and on the wonderfulness goes, all throughout the summer!
Please join us next Saturday for beverages, edibles, and wonderful work.

Over 'Ome

All the flowers are waking up, the hills are finally GREEN with happiness, and spring has arrived just in time for summer to appear.

My azaleas...

... my crazy bobbing primroses...

...the lilies of the valley, spreading out so nicely... weeping cherries blossoming on the upper halves of their branches (everything that was low and reachable was eaten by the hungry rabbits who braved the dogs this winter, so much snow)...

...the magnolias are just about finished...

... my beauty tulips, everywhere and all at once!

A stellar morning to 'have a day' getting a few things done at home...

... and a gorgeous evening, watching the fog roll into the bay, erasing my sunset...

... covering us all in a blanket for sleep.